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G.O.MS.NO.1089 P & A.R. DT. 1-11-80


Surrender Leave is another concession granted to employees permitting them to encash Earned Leave at their credit. This was introduced in G.O. Ms. No.783 Finance dt.10-9-68.The rules have undergone various changes from time to time. The Government in their G.O. Ms.No.1089 P &A.R. dt.1-11-80 issued consolidated instructions superseding all the previous orders. The rules and regulations are furnished –below.



(a) The facility is admissible to all employees. In the Case of Temporary and Probationers, they should complete 12 months service.

(b) An employee may surrender leave while on duty ; E.L., during U.E.L., on M.C., or E.O.L. with M.C. This facility is not admissible while on suspension ; E.O.L., without M.C. and U.E.L. on P.A.

(c) An employee may surrender not exceeding 15days in year and not exceeding 30days once in two years. (G.O. Ms.No/1089 P&A.R. dt. 1-11-80).

(d) If an employee avails of surrender of 15days in a year, he can again avail 15 days only after completing 12 months. If he wants to avail 30 days, then, there should be interval of 24 months. Availing 30 days or 15 days is the option of the employee and the administration has nothing do with it.


* Availed of 15days on 15-4-95

* Eligible for 15 days on 15-4-96

* if he wants to avail 30 days, he become eligible only on 15-4-97. How can however, surrender 15days on 15-4-97. The condition to be fulfilled is 12 months gap for 15 days and 24 months gap for 30 days. That is all.


(e) Eventhough the surrender leave application is given in advance, sanction can be accorded only after the due-date-Govt. memo.No. 41131/F.R. II /79-2 dt.19-9-79.

(f) An employee has forgetten to submit application for the surrender of leave and desire to do so at a later date. In that case, he may submit application provided one month has not lapsed from, the due date for example when the due date is 4-5-98, application shall be submitted upto 03-06-1998.

(g) If an employee surrenders leave while on earned leave, total leave should not exceed 240 days.

(h) This facility is available while on foreign Service also.

(i) in the case of officers for whom Government is the leave sanctioning authority surrender leave may be sanctioned by the Head of the Department G.O. Ms. No.21 P &A.R. dt,7-1-82.


Surrender leave to compulsorily retired or dismissed employee on their reinstatement.

Some people who are compulsorily retired or removed or dismissed may be reinstated into service based on court judgements. In such cases, they may be allowed surrender leave for the old periods provided the application is made within one month from the date of receipt of orders of reinstatement-Govt.Lr.No.23186-A/86-9P&A.R. dt. 19-1-87.


Surrender Leave while on Foreign Service (other than State owned undertakings)


If an employee is, deputed Foreign Service to the Central Government Undertakings, Universities, Temples, Co-operative Institutions etc., Foreign Employee – shall initially pay the surrender leave salary and reimburse it subsequently.





(a) During suspension, an employee cannot surrender leave. If he is reinstated treating the period of suspenson on duty or leave, in that case, he may be permitted to apply for surrender leave for the old periods-Govt.Lr.No.38745/82-1,P&A.R. dt.29-5-82 and Govt.Lr.No.16216/82-1 P&A.R. dt. 18-4-83.

(b) In the above case, leave applications should be given within one month from the date of receipt of orders treating the period as duty or leave –Govt.Lr.ibid. (One month shall be calculated from the date of joining duty because, then only he can know to whom application should be made.

(c) if the suspension period is treaded as U.E.L. on P.A. or E.O.L. this concession is not admissible – Govt.Lr.No.92550/82-3 P&A.R.dt. 18-1-83.




(a) The leave salary shall be calculated at the rate of 1/30 days –G.O.Ms.No.1089 P&A.R. dt. 1-11-80.

(b) In addition to pay, D.A. H.R.A. Hill Allowance, and C.C.A., are also admissible –G.O. Ms.No.200 Finance dt. 1-4-81 and G.O.Ms.No.43 Finance dt.28-1-82.

(c) The surrender leave should be sanctioned within one month payment made within 15 days – G.O.Ms.No.687 P&A.R.dt. 16-7-82.

(d) H.R.A. shall also be paid to the employees occupying quarters-G.O. Ms.No.777 Finance dt.7-9-83.

(e) Employees provided with the rent free quarters are not eligible Tor H.R.A.-Govt.Lr.No.33853/84-1 Finance dt.18-8-84.

(f) Medical , Washing and Refreshment Allowances are not admissible along with the surrender leave.

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