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Allowance and Leave





Director of Medical Service and Director of Public Health





Director of Medical Education





G.O’s General





Gratuity and Pension













Allowance to Doctors

  1. Non Practicing Allowance

  • Existing rate of non-practicing allowance of Rs.300/- Rs.450/- and Rs.500/- payable to Medical Officers shall be enhanced to Rs.600/- Rs.900/- and 1000/- respectively w.e.f. 1-9 -98 – G.O. Ms.No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.

  • The existing rate of other compensatory allowance payable to Medical Officers for restricted private practice shall be enhanced from Rs.125/- to Rs.250/- p.m. (w.e.f. 1-9-98) – G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.

  1. Over – Coat Allowance

The existing rate of overcoat allowance is increased as given below (w.e.f.1-9-98)-G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance at.1-9-98.



*Assistant Civil Surgeons

From Rs.175 to Rs.265/- per annum

* Civil Surgeons

From Rs.200 to Rs.300/- per annum



  1. Post – Mortem Allowance

The post-mortem allowance shall be as detailed below (w.e.f. 1-9-98)-G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt.1-9-98.




*One Medical Officer


*One Mortuary Assistant


*One Scientific Assistant or Steno Typist


*One Lab Technician from Forensic Science Department


*One Basic Servant



  1. Director of Medical and Rural Health Section



*One M.O.


*One Mortuary Attendant or one Sanitary Worker


*One Pharmacist



  1. Leprosy Allowance /Special Leprosy Allowance


Existing rate of Leprosy Allowance shall be doubled w.e.f.1-9-98

G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.


  1. Rural Allowance


  1. Medical Officers working in Primary Health Centres shall be allowed special pay of Rs.300/-p.m.w.e.f.1-9-98-G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt 15-9-98.

  2. Medical Officers working in the Primary Health Centres, in addition to special pay, will be allowed Rural Allowance as given below (effect 1-9-98) G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.


*Those provided with quarters

Rs.375/- p.m

*Those not provided with quarters





  1. Clerical Allowance

This allowance has been enhanced form Rs.30/- to Rs.60/- p.m.

(w.e.f.1-9-98) G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.


Allowance to Drivers


  1. This allowance is enhanced at the following rates w.e.f.1G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.




*Drivers in Secretariat/State Guest House/Motor Cycle Drivers of Public Department

From Rs.115/- to Rs.175/-p.m.

*Drivers attached to Ministers

From Rs.125/- to Rs.190/-



  1. Out of pocket allowance payable to drivers working in the officers outside the Secretariat shall be enhanced from Rs.10/- to Rs.15/- per day (effect 1-9-98)-G.O.Ms..No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.


Office Accommodation Allowance


The allowance payable to Assistant Public Prosecutors shall be enhanced as detailed below (effect 1-9-98)-G.O.Ms.No.499 Finance dt.15-9-98.



*For A.P.P.Grade I

From Rs.90/- to 180/-

*For A.P.P.Grade II

From Rs.60/- to 120/-


Training Allowance

Existing rate of Training Allowance paid at 15% shall be reduced to 10% in the revised pay scales (effect 1-9-98)-G.O.Ms.No.493 Finance dt.15-9-98.









  1. Medical allowance of Rs.15 was sanctioned w.e.f.1.7.88-G.O.Ms.No.515

Finance dt.26.7.88 from 1.4.94, the allowance was increased to Rs.30. The employees are also permitted to exercise option to choose either Reimbursement Facility or Medical Allowance – G.O.Ms.No.293 Finance dt.4.4.94. The allowance has been increased to Rs.50 w.e.f.1.12.95 – G.O.Ms.No.927 Finance dt.14.12.95.

  1. This allowance is not admissible during the period of suspension, surrender leave and retirement leave – Govt.Lr.No.34419/All-I/89-2 Finance dt.5.5.89 and Govt.Lr.No.107557/All-1/S9-2 dt.8.1.91. (Please note that the allowance shall also be allowed during other kinds of leave).

( c ) The employees drawing this allowance are also eligible to reimburse the cost of spectacles – govt.Lr.No.141170/All-I/90-3 Finance dt.27.12.90.

(d) A servicing employees is eligible either for Medical Allowance or Medical

Reimbursement facility. He cannot draw two facilities one for his Service and another for he being a family pensioner – Govt.Lr.No.104770/Pen/94-I Finance dt.17.2.95.

  1. If both husband and wife are serving in Government of Tamil Nadu and op

For this allowance, both will be given this allowance, Govt.Lr.No.3304/All-1/90-3 Finance dt.17.11.93.

  1. Where both are State Government employees it is not necessary that both

should choose Medical Allowance, One may choose Medical allowance and the other for the reimbursement facility. But the spouse drawing Reimbursement facility should not claim any charges in respect of the spouse claiming the Medical Allowance. For this a certificate should be obtained from the office where the spouse is working and pasted in the Service Book – Govt.Lr.No.3304/92-1/Sal-I/ Finance dt.17.11.93.

  1. Where the spouse of an employee avails of Medical facility in the Central

Government, the allowance be allowed on the production of certificate that no claim is preferred in respect of the spouse working in the State Government – Govt.Lr.ibid. The same limitation applies to cases where the spouse is working in a private firm – Govt.Lr.ibid.

  1. Menials paid from contingencies are not eligible for Medical Allowance –

Govt.Lr.No.30421/All-I/89-1 Finance dt.5.5.89.

  1. An employee is drawing Medical Allowance. He or his family member had to

be treated in a private hospital in emergency. In that case, the expenditure incurred by him can also be reimbursed even through he is drawing Medical Allowance - Govt.Lr.No.85009/Sal-I/92-4 Finance dt.9.3.93.


  1. In the G.O.Ms.No.732 Finance dt.29.8.88, the Government introduced the

scheme of Medical allowance with provision for option. That is an employee may opt to receive Medical Allowance or Reimbursement facility. They cannot draw both.




  1. Employees who are Approved Probationers are eligible to reimburse the

Cost of Medicines purchased by them for self and their family members –Rule (4) of Medical Reimbursement Rules.

  1. Employees joined Service on or after 21.4.95 are eligible for Medical

Allowance only and not for Medical Reimbursement facility G.O.Ms.No.261 Health dt.21.4.95 and Govt.Lr.No.82611/AD2/93-I8 Health dt.21.4.95.

( c ) Temporary employees are also eligible to reimburse the cost of Medicines

to self and not to any of the family members. They can avail of this facility during the period of leave subject to the condition that they would continue to be Government employees during the period of leave – G.O.Ms.No.2696 Health dt.19.11.70 and Govt.Lr.No.208101/T1/80-6 Health dt.9/80. Employees appointed on or after 21.04.95 are not eligible for Reimbursement facility. They are eligible for Medical Allowance.

(d) Employees appointed under consolidated pay are also eligible for this Facility but only to self and not to any of the family members – Govt.Lr.No.20810/T1/80-6 Health dt.9/80. (From 21.04.95, they are not eligible)

(e) Reimbursement of Medical Expenses on venereal diseases, Delirium Treatment is not admissible – G.O.Ms.No.2380 Health dt.19.12.69 (Hand Book)



Who are the family members?

The following are the family members for this purpose. They should be fully dependent on the employee : G.O.Ms.No.1357 Health dt.1.6.62.

  1. Wife (one or more wives), Husband in the case of female employees

  2. Children

  3. Adopted son or daughter – G.O.Ms.No.1242Health dt.28.5.70

  4. Step children

  5. Step Mother – G.O.Ms.No.2460 Health dt.25.11.64

  6. Deserted/ Divorced/Widowed Daughter

  7. Widowed Mother

  8. Un-married sister - G.O.Ms.No.1769 Health dt.1.10.67

  9. Widowed Sister - G.O.Ms.No.2688 Health dt.28.10.71

  10. Adopted Father - G.O.Ms.No.2743 Health dt.8.11.71






(Annexure VU to F.R.)

  1. Casual leave is a concession to Employees to enable them in special

circumstances to be absent from duty fro short periods.

  1. The period of absence under casual leave shall be treated as duty for all purposes.

That is the period will count for increment, leave, pension, etc.,

  1. Total casual leave allowed to the employees in calendar year is 12 days.

  2. The leave, including Government holidays, available at a time should not exceed 10 days. If the eleventh day is unexpectedly declared as holiday(s) the total leave in that case, may exceed ten days - G.O.Ms.No.309, P&A.R.dt.


  1. The leave may also be combined with compensatory leave or holidays and the

total of all leave availed of at a time should not exceed 10 days.

  1. Casual leave should not be combined with E.L. or UEL etc.,

  2. Employees appointed under emergency provisions and who are likely to be ousted

at any time, their eligibility for casual leave shall be calculated with reference to the period actually spent by them on duty and shall be proportionately restricted. As a working principle, they shall be given three days CL for every two months.

  1. Advance application of CL need not contain the purpose for which the CL is

Requested - G.O.Ms.No.1410, P&A.R.dt.2.12.77

  1. Application for leave (or extension of leave) must be given either before the

leave is taken or at the time of joining duty – G.O.lbid.

(10) Employees irrespective of the office hours are eligible for 12days, CL-


(11) When CL is not available at the credit, they may take E.L.for short spells by

sending advance intimation – Ruling (3) under F.R.67.

(12) Contingent employees are also eligible for CL if they have completed 30days

of duty – G.O.Ms.No.1180, P&A.R.dt.15.12.1986(Whether C.L.has to be given with reference to duty period? (for those retiring in the early part or the year)


Some people are under the wrong impression that CL should be sanctioned with reference to the duty period. In some cases, CL is refused to the employees who retire in the earlier part of the year. It is not correct CL may be sanctioned to an approved Probationer without any reference to the period spent on duty. 12days CL may be allowed in January itself to an employee. Only condition is that the CL availed at a lime should not exceed ten days including holiday and compensatory leave ( Eleven days, in case, the Eleventh day is declared as a holiday) – Govt.Lr.No.61559/82-4, P&A.R.dt.17.1.1983.





All the Civil Surgeons,

All the Tutors/Asst.Professors/Asst.Surgeons through

Asst.Resident Medical Officer of this hospital

Sub: TamilNadu Medical Services – Sanction of Medical Officers Certain Guideliness.

The following guidelines regarding the grant of leave of Medical Officers to be followed strictly in the Medical College Hospital under the control of the Director of Medical Education.

The Deans/Heads of Medical Instructions are empowered to grant leave to Medical Officers (Assistant Surgeon/Tutor/Assistant Professors) for a period upto 2 months (60days) if no substitute is posted in their place and one month (30days) for civil Surgeons. Generally substitutes are posted when Medical Officers proceed on leave for a period exceeding 2months as per the recommendations of the Heads of Departments and the Dean. According to the orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.1046/Health dt.13.11.87. Medical Officer are eligible for grant of leave to a maximum as details below.

If they are approved probationers (all kinds of leave except) with more than 5years of Service : Un-Earned Leave on

Medical Certificate should

not exceed one year.

If they are probationers not less than 5years of Service : All kinds of leave should

not exceed 6 months.

If Medical Officers do not rejoin duty after remaining on leave or absence for a continuous period of 6 months or 1 year as the case may be, disciplinary action is to be initiated against them for removal from Tamil Nadu Medical Service as per Tamil Nadu CCA.Rules.

  1. If Medical Officers on transfer apply for Earned Leave it should be refused, If they apply for Un-earned Leave on Medical Certificate, while on transfer they should be referred to Medical opinion by the Heads of Medical Institutions.

  2. Any Leave applied by Medical Officer both Assistant Surgeons and Civil Surgeons for a period of less than 2 months may be decided by the Heads of Medical Institutions according to the need and circumstances, taking into consideration the recommendations of the Head of Departments.

  3. The leave applications of Civil Surgeons for any period more than 1 month is to be sent to this Directorate with the recommendation the Dean for necessary action.

  4. All leave applications of Assistant Surgeons for any period more than 2months are to be sent to this office immediately with the following information.

    1. with the recommendation of the Heads of Departments and head of the Medical Institutions.

    2. And the leave eligibility of the Medical Officer in the profoma prescribed.

The leave vacancy of more than 2months should be reported to this Directorate for suitable action at this end.

Suitable instructions in this regard may be issued to the concerned Ministerial Staff of the sections and Suitable disciplinary action must be initiated for any delay or lapse in this regard.

In case of emergencies of service of any Medical Officer, the Heads of Medical Institutions may refuse leave beyond 2 months. The Medical Officers should be informed accordingly and the file may be sent to this office with particulars mentioned under (iv) a&b. Disciplinary action shall be initiated by the Heads of Medical Institutions for unauthorized absence of Medical Officer or when the Medical Officer – does not report for duty when recalled or – if they do not report for Medical Board.

Report of Head of Medical Institutions to pursue disciplinary action on Medical Officers for unauthorized absence without leave applications for sanction of leave must be remitted to this office immediately for further action with relevant particulars.

When a substitute is requested by the Heads of the Institutions in a leave vacancy of more than 2 months the incumbent on return from leave should not be allowed to rejoin the same post and should be directed to report to this Department for suitable postings on expiry of leave or otherwise.

The receipt of this communication may be acknowledged.

T.N.A.S.A Journal August – 1982



HOLIDAYS – Compensatory Holidays to Government Servants – Revised instructions issued.


G.O.MS.Ko.2218 Dated :14th December 1981

Regd: G.O.Ms.No.328, Public (General – M) dated 21.2.1967.


In the Government order read above orders have been issued prescribing certain rules and regulations governing the conditions for the grant of compensatory Holiday to the Government Servants. These instructions which were very comprehensive in nature had been issued by superseding all earlier instructions issued on this subject.

The rules governing the grant of Compensatory Holidays are being interpreted in different ways and there is no uniformity among Government Departments in implementing them. The Government have, therefore, reviewed, the entire position and issue the following rules regulating the grant of Compensatory Holidays to Government Servants.

  1. Only the Officials belonging to C&D Groups are eligible for Compensatory Holidays of rule when ever they are called to work on Holidays. Officials belonging to A&B groups will not normally be eligible for Compensatory Holidays. However, if the occasions or their attendance on holidays become so regular as to make it almost a matter of routine, they would also be eligible to claim Compensatory Holidays. The immediate superior officials would be competent to sanction the Compensatory Holiday.

  2. No Compensatory Holiday can be claimed as a matter of right. It shall be within the discretion of the superior officer competent to grant Casual Leave, to admit the claim for at Compensatory Holiday or not.

  3. No Government Servant shall be entitled to credit of more than twenty Compensatory Holidays in all in a Calendar year.

  4. Every Compensatory Holiday shall automatically lapse at end of six months of the Holidays to which it relates.

  5. Compensatory Holiday can be combined with casual leave or authorized Public Holidays subject to the conditions that the total period of absence shall not exceed ten days. Compensatory Holidays can also be prefixed or suffixed to regular leave subject to the usual conditions.

  6. Necessary amendments to the Secretary Office Manual and District Office Manual will issue separately.

(By order of the Governor)




Letter (Ms.)No.1574 Health



Commissioner and Secretary to Government.


Dated, Fort.St. George, 11th August 1986.

Sub: Tamil Nadu Medical Service – Tamil Nadu Assistant Surgeons Association – Request for grant of 20days compensatory leave clarification.

Ref : i. From the Tamil Nadu Assistant Surgeons Association, letter Ref:No.32/85

dated : 28.10.85.

ii. From the Director of Medical Services and Family Welfare, letter

Ref: Ho.27568/B4/I/86 dt.17.4.86.

iii. From the Director of Medical Education, letter Ref : No.10332/E3/3/86


I am directed to invite attention to your letter cited and to state that according

to paragraph 889 of the Tamil Nadu Medical code, no Government Servant shall be

entitled to a credit of more than 20 compensatory Holidays in all in a calendar year.

Again in G.O.-2218, Public (Misc.J Department, dated 14.12.1984, it has been

ordered, among other things, that in the cases of ‘A’ and ‘B’ group officials, if the

occasions of their attendance on holidays become so regular as to make it almost a

matter of routine, they would be eligible to claim compensatory holidays.

2. I am, therefore, to request that the above orders may be brought to the notice of the officer’s under your control and they may be instructed to follow these orders strictly without any room for complaints. A copy of the instructions issued in this regard may be sent to Government for information, in due course.


Yours faithfully,

For Commissioner & Secretary to Government



Tamil Nadu Medical Service – Medical officers – duty on 2nd Saturday of the

month – availing Compensatory leave orders issued.



G.O.MS.HO.779 Dated : 9.7.1992



The Tamil Nadu Government Doctors Association has represented that the Medical Officers may be allowed to avail 2nd Saturday of the month as a holiday as was being allowed till recently.

2) The Government after careful examination have decided to accept the request mentioned in para above. Accordingly, they direct that the Medical Officers who are required to perform duty on the 2nd Saturday of the Month in the normal roster, be entitled for compensatory leave, in lieu of the duty performed, subject to the following conditions:-

i) that this compensatory leave should be availed in such a way that the normal work in this hospital is not affected ;

ii) that the compensatory leave shall be availed only after advance permission from the Medical Officer in charge/Superintendent or Dean of the Hospital and

iii) that no additional staff shall be sanctioned to provide the above facility.

3) The total number of compensatory holidays is restricted to 20 days for a whole year on account of second Saturdays and Public Holidays and this will be taken at the rate of 10 days in each half year.

(By order of the Governor)




(a) This leave shall be sanctioned under extraordinary circumstances and is an extra concession allowed to employees to treat their absence as duty, e.g., Special Casual leave allowed for Family Planning Operation etc.,

(b) The rate of leave differs in each case and is determined by specific rules.

( c) Necessary further details about rate of leave, in each case may be seen in Annex. VII to F.R.

(d) Special C.L. may be prefixed or suffixed or both with Government holidays – G.O.Ms.No.216, P&A.R. dt.14.3.1983.

Special Casual Leave for Family Planning Operation

  1. Seven days Special Casual Leave shall be allowed to an officer whose wife undergoes sterilization operation (Puerperal or Non-Puerperal) on the production of Medical Certificate from the doctor who performed the operation. In the event of failure of first operation, this leave may be allowed for the second time – G.O.Ms.No.470, P&A.R. dt.14.11.1990.

  2. IAS/IPS Officers are also eligible for 8 days of Special Casual Leave, if they undergo sterilization operation. Similarly 20 days Special allowed to married women IAS/IPS Officers to undergo non-puerperal sterilization operation – G.O.Ms.No.203, Health , dt.13.02.1992.

(c ) Seven days Special Casual Leave shall be granted to an officer whose wife

undergoes Medical Termination of Pregnancy with Tubectomy. The

leave should be certified by the Medical Officer who performed the

operation. The certificate issued by a recognized Institution may also be

accepted – Govt.Memo.No.4535/R1/77-11, Health dt.25.6.77 and

G.O.Ms.No.270, Health dt.10.2.1978.

(d) The above leave is eligible for contingent staff also G.O.Ms.No.1452,

Health dated 14.7.1982.

  1. The Special Casual Leave shall be given from the date of such operation – Govt.Memo No.27620/R2/78-6, Health, dt.14.6.1978.

  2. This Special Casual Leave may be combined with Earned Leave, Un Earned Leave etc., - Govt.Memo. ibid.

  3. The Holidays may be prefixed or suffixed to the Special Casual Leave but should not be sandwitched between Special Casual Leave and regular leave (E.L. or U.E.L. etc.,) Govt.Memo –ibid.

  4. The combination of Special Casual Leave with regular leave may be sanctioned by the authority who normally sanctions leave – G.O.Ms.No.356, Health, dt.22.2.1982.

  5. 20days of Special Casual Leave shall be sanctioned to temporary married women employees for undergoing sterilization operation irrespective of their Service – G.O.Ms.No.229, dt.10.3.1982.

  6. 21 days of Special Casual Leave shall be allowed to employees who are unmarried or who have less than two children for undergoing operation for Recanalisation. The operation should have been performed in a hospital as per list complied by the Government of India. Special Casual Leave may be combined with any kind of leave. Prefixing of leave is not permissible. Sundays and Holidays shall count against 2 J days – G.O.Ms.No.2323, Health dt.28.12.1981..

  7. 8 days Special Casual Leave shall be sanctioned to women employees who undergo sterilization– Ruling 7 to 11(a) Annex VII to F.R.

  8. 20 days Special Casual Leave shall be sanctioned to women employees who under go non-puerperal sterilization operation during ordinary time. No Special Casual Leave is allowed if the operation is done immediately after confinement – Ruling ibid.

  9. In some cases, those who are sanctioned Casual Leave may require hospitalization even after the expirty of Special CL granted to them. In that case, they may require post sterilization treatment. They may be allowed additional special C.L. as certified by the Medical Officer who conducted the operation – G.O.Ms.No.644, Health, dt.25.3.1982.


The certificate shall be in the form of : Certified that Thiru/Tmt

………………. Employed as ……………….. in the ……………. Undergone sterilization operation at the ……………………..on………………………… He/She developed post operation complication due to ……………………which warranted hospitalisation from……………. To ……………………………………..

Signature of the Medical Officer



Earned Leave is the leave earned by an employee by virtue of duty. The employee was earning leave at the rate of 1/11 or 1/22. With effect from 1.7.94. this procedure is replaced by the advance credit of leave introduced in G.O.Ms.No.157 P & A.R. dt.24.6.94. Hereafter the condition that leave is earned by duty has also been dispensed with by the procedure of advance credit.

Advance Credit of E.L. – The salient features

  1. This system came into effect from 1.7.94.

  2. In respect of Approved Probationers, Permanent employees 15 days E.L.will be credited in advance, on 1st January and 1st July every year.

  3. For example, the closing balance of on 30.6.97 is 160days on 1.7.97, 15days will be credited in advance increasing the credit to 175days. The leave taken by him form 1.7.97 to 31.12-97 will be deducted against this 175days.


The balance will be the closing balance at the end of the half year viz.on 31.12.97 on 1.1.98 again 15 days will be credited in advance.

  1. If the closing balance of EL falls in between 226-240days at the opening of an half year, 15days will not be added to 226-240, it will be shown separately. If any leave is taken during that half year, it will first be adjusted in the 15days and the leave taken exceeding 15days will be adjusted in the 226-240 days and balance struck at the end of the half year. The closing balance at the end of the half year shall be limited to 240days.


(i) C.B. on 31.12.96



(ii) Advance Credit on 1.1.97 = 15days (show separately)


(iii) Leave taken from 1.1.97 to 30.6.97

28 days

(iv) C.B.on 30.6.97 (Adjust 15days and deduct 13days in 238days) (238-13)


(v) Add : Advance credit on 1.7.97 (Now the 225 (i.e) not between 226-240. separately.


(vi) Leave taken from 1.7.97 to 31.12-97


(vii) Balance at the end of 31.12.97 (240-10)


(viii) Advance Credit on 1.1.98 (Since the C.B.falls in between 226-2240, the credit of 15days, should be shown separately)


(K) Leave availed of between 1.1.98 to 30.6.98


M C.B.on 30.6.98 = 230 + 15 = 245

Limit to 240

(xi) Add : Advance credit as on 1.7.98 (Since the O.B. is between 226-240 show the 15days separately).



  1. During the half year, if taken it shall be adjusted in the next half year, for

example an employee takes 22 days of L.L.P. in that case,2days at the rate of one day for every 10days shall be reduced in the next half year (Please note that no leave be deducted in the currently half year).

  1. If an employee takes U.E.L. etc., after crediting E.L. in advance, whether leave should be reduced from the advance credit already made? No. It is not necessary – Govt.Lr.No.60665/F.R. – III /95-1 P &A.R. dt.2.11.90 and Govt.Lr.No.60094/F.R.-III/94-14 p&A.R.dt.21.6.96. (Can you ever analyse why leave is not reduced? It is because, 30days credited for a year instead of 33days leave earned @ 1/11).

  2. In the case of an employee, who is due for retirement in an half year E.L.will not be credited in advance, in this case, E.L.will be calculated at the rate of 2 ½ days for every full months of the remaining Service and credited. If he is due for retirement on 31.5.98 he has got five full months. Hence, 2 ½ x 5 = 12 ½ = rounded to 13days to be credited in his leave account.

  3. In the case of an employee, 15days leave have already been credited. He dies on 30.9.98 In this case, is it necessary to reduce the leave already credited? No. It is not necessary. Neither leave be cut for salary recovered for the excess leave availed – Govt.Lr.No.60094/F.R.HI/9 14 P &A.R.dt.21.6.96.

  4. While crediting E.L.fraction of a day shall be rounded off to nearest one day- Govt.Lr.No.60094/F.R.III/94-14 P&A.R.dt.21.6.96

  5. In the case pf am employee whose opening balance is Nil, 15days is credited on the opening of a half year. In this case, he can either avail the entire 15days or surrender 15days on the same day itself. (on the 1st January or 1st July Govt.Lr.No.60094/ F.R.III/94-14 P&A.R.dt.21.6.96 and Govt.Lr.No.60695/F.R.III/95-1 P& A.R. Dt.2.11.95. (The clarification sought for is unnecessary. He gets leave to his credit on 1st January or 1st July. When credit is there, entitlement avail of the leave naturally accrues. Then, how the leave applied be rejected on the ground of non availability of leave? These kind of clarification exposes the dwindling standards of the administrative people.

Temporary, Probationers and Basic Servants

  1. Temporary employees, Probationers and Basic servants are not eligible for advance credit of E.L. they shall be allowed leave at the rate of 2 ½ days for every completed two calendar months. They can accumulate leave up to the maximum of 30days – Govt.Lr.No.60094/F.R.III/94-14 P&A.R.dt. 21.6.96.

  2. In the case of Basic servants who have completed five years of regular Service (five years from the date of regularization) are however eligible for the advance credit of E.L.- Govt.Lr.No.60665/F.R.III/95-1 P&A.R.Dt.2.11.95.

  3. If probation is completed in the middle of an half year, in that case, EL shall be calculated at the rate of 2 ½ days for every two completed months of Service upto the month of completion of probation. From the next month E.L.shall be calculated at the rate of 2 ½ days for each completed calendar month Govt.Lr.No.60094/F.R.III/94-14 P&A.R.dt.21.6.96.






* Temporary, Probationer and Basic Servants


Eligible for leave @ 2 ½ days for every completed two calendar months. (Max.30days).

* Basic Servants Completed five years

Eligible for advance credit of leave.

* Probation if completed in the middle of half year

Leave shall be calculated @ 2 ½ days for every completed two months upto the month of completion of Probation. From the next month. EL shall be calculated @ 2 ½ days for each completed month.


Maximum Accumulation of EL at a time

The EL can be accumulated upto a maximum as detailed below. The leave accumulation exceeding the limit will lapse.



Maximum Limit

Upto 31.3.55



From 1.4.55 to 31.3.66




From 1.4.66 to

180 days and can be availed of 120 days at a time

From 1.4.66 to 31.3.74

180days and can be availed of at a time (G.O.Ms.No.444 dt.30.3.74 Finance dt. 30.3.74)

From 30.10.87

240 days and can be availed of at a time(G.O.Ms.No.999, P&A.R. dt.30.10.87)






This is another kind of leave available available to an employee which is ordinarily known as ‘Medical Leave’. The eligibility of leave has been given at the end of this book.


  1. The leave shall be sanctioned in terms of days even through it is applied in weeks or months – GO.O.Ms.No.160 P&A.R. Dt.15.2.80.

  2. Un-earned leave on Medical certificate may be allowed irrespective of the nature of disease whether it is fever or Jaundice or bodypain – Govt.Lr.No.39906/FR-I/76-10 P.W.D.Dt.15.12.76

  3. The employees intending to go on U.E.L on M.C Should give an under taking to the effect that they will refund the leave salary if they do not join duty on the expiry of leave G.O.No 795 Finance dt.22.7.76

  4. The above condition is not applicable in the case of an employee who dies during leave or retires while on leave or on Medical invalidation (T.N.L.R.15A) – G.O.Ms.No.795 Finance dt.22.7.76. (In a case which was brought to notice that action was taken to recover leave salary paid to the deceased employee forU.E.L.on MC as he did not rejoin duty. After long struggle of persuasion and with great reluctance the authority finally agreed. I do not know how the administration expect a deceased employee resume duty? He did not approached the rule by spirit but only tried to exercise his authority. This kind of attitude, if continued to be tolerated, it will become a ground for corruption.

  5. The condition of reasonable prospect of rejoining duty on expiry of leave is not necessary in the case of Tuberculosis, Leprosy and Cancer Patients. No leave salary should be recovered from them, even through they do not rejoin duty – G.O.Ms.No.795. Finance dt.22.7.76. (In their cases, they need not be expected to die).

Leave Eligibility

  1. The temporary employees are not eligible for this leave. Probationers may be allowed after completing two years of regular Service (T.N.L.R.15 (A) read with T.N.L.R.(23) and Govt.Lr.No.85891/79-33 P&A.R.dt.17.7.81.

  2. The admissible leave has been given at the end of this book. The leave is eligible depending on the length of service.

  3. In respect of T.B.Leprosy, Cancer and Hansens disease, the employee may be allowed entire leave without reference to the length of Service G.O.Ms.No.559 P & A.R.dt.25.6.83. employees undergoing treatment for Coronary Surgery, Kidney Transplantation or Retina Transplantation shall also be allowed this leave without reference to his Service – G.O.Ms.No.595 P&A.R.dt.3.11.89. Do you understand what does this mean? The eligibility of leave shall be restricted with reference to the length of service. In these case, irrespective of the length of service, 540 days leave may be given at a time. The only condition is that the Medical Board should recommend the leave.

Medical Certificate – Who has to give?

  1. Medical Certificate and fitness certificate may be given by an Authorised Medical Attendent (A.M.A) or Registered Medical Practitioner (R.M.P.) – Rule 16 Annexure II to F.R.

  2. Similarly, Certificates may also be issued by Medical Practitioners with H.P.L.M., C.G.I.M. and B.I.M qualification and who have registered their names with Boards of Integrated Medicines, Madras or Central Board of Indegenious Medicines – G.O.Ms.No.816 P&A.R.dt.31.7.81.

  3. Assistant Surgeons may also issue Medical certificate for all officers – Govt.Memo.No.45235/78-9 P&A.R.dt.21.5.79.

  4. Homeopathy Medical Practitioners employed under TamilNadu Government may also issue Medical certificate for leave – G.O.Ms.No.2235 Health dt.10.12.81.

Reference to Medical Board – When necessary?

  1. Employees applying for Medical leave shall be referred to the Medical board under the following circumstances (T.N.L.R.15A)

  1. When the leave applied exceeds 60 days i.e.Leave applied is 61days or more.

  2. When an employee frequently takes leave, in that case, he will be subhected to Medical board

  3. When an employee applies for leave after getting transfer orders. (That is after receipt of transfer orders) – Govt.Lr.No.16213A F.R /III/87-10 P &A.R.dt.26.2.88.

  1. The employee intends to go on Medical Leave should submit application within seven days. For example, if an employee goes on leave. From 3.5.98, he should submit application on or before 10.5.98. On receipt of application, where reference is necessary, it should be made within 3 days by treating the current on priority – G.O.Ms.No.411 P &A.R.DT.5.4.80.

  2. If the administration failed to refer the individual to the Medical Board, disciplinary action should be taken against the persons responsible – Govt.Lr.No.65114/F.R.III 0/82-6 P&A.R.dt.5.4.83.

  3. Where an employee failed to submit the application with 7days he will be sanctioned other kinds of leave and not Medical Leave – govt.Lr.No.1642/78-2/ P&A.R. dt 22.3.78

  4. Where an employee applied for Medical leave in time but was not referred to Medical Board due to administrative delay, even in this case also, leave other than Medical Leave should be sanctioned. If the individual insists on Medical leave. Government orders should be obtained. Govt.Lr.No.1642/78-2 P& A.R. dt.22.3.78 and Govt.Lr.No.5875383 P&A.R.dt.19.7.95.

  5. Where different kinds of leave is availed of in continuation, and total U.E.L.on MC exceeds 60days, it warrants reference to the Medical Board – Govt.Lr.No.96430/81-2 P&A.R. dt.8.4.82 and Govt.Lr.No.48445/F.R.V/95-1 P&A.R. dt.19.7.95.

  6. L.L.P. on Medical certificate, should also be referred to the Medical Board, if exceeds 60days – Govt.Lr.No.69548/82-1 P&A.R.dt.13.9.82.

Employees admitted in Private Hospitals – Whether reference to Medical Boards is necessary?

    1. In respect of employees undergoing treatment as in patients in private hospitals, following procedure should be adopted – G.O.Ms.No.307 P&A.R.dt 24.3.86 and G.O Ms. 239 P & SA.R dt 18.5.89.

(i) If the Medical Board is situated within a short distance, the patient should

be produced for Medical opinion . Ambulance charges if any paid for

this purpose, will be reimbursed.

(ii) If the Patient’s condition is so serious \, then the Medical records shall

be produced to the nearest Medical board for opinion.

Cancer, T.B. Leprosy, Coronary, Kidney or eye patients need not be referred to the Medical Board

    1. Patients undergoing treatment for T.B. Cancer and Hansens disease need not be referred to the Medical Board subject to the following conditions – Govt.Memo.No.195778/76-7 P&A.R. dt.3.1.78.

(i) In the case of T.B. Patients, Certificate issued by a Specialist working in a getting Government grant should be produced.

(ii) For Leprosy Patients Medical Certificate issued by a Medical Officer

Working in a hospital getting Government grant should be produced.

(iii) In the case of treatment for cancer and Hansens disease certificate

issued by a specialist working in the respective Government Hospital

should be produced.

    1. Similarly employees undergoing treatment for Coronary surgery and Kidney Transplantation may be allowed MC based on the Medical Certificate issued by a doctor attached to a recognized Institution G.O.Ms.No.532 P&A.R.dt.10.10.88.

(T.B.Leprosy and Cancer patients are eligible for “Pay Advance” Please refer the chapter “Loans and Advances”.

Employee admitted in Government Hospitals – whether referred to the Medical Board?

  1. Employees admitted in Government Hospitals may produce Medical Certificate issued by the Superintendent of the hospital. They need not be referred to the Medical Board – G.O.Ms.No.727 P& A.R.dt.12.7.80 and G.O.Ms.No.293 P& A.R. dt.18.5.89

  2. Similarly leave advised in continuation of discharge from Government Hospital need not be referred to the Medical Board provided the certificate is issued by the doctor who treated the employee before discharge – Govt.Lr.No.12087/82-4P&A.R.dt.12.5.82 and G.O.Ms.No.293 P& A.R. dt.18.5.89.




Classification of Leavee



Emergency (10) (a) (i) and Probationers

Approval Probationers and 15 years Completed Basic Service

10(a)(i) and Probationers

Approved Probationers (those not completed 15 years service)


*Nil– Ruling(2) TNLR

2-5 years = 90days

Temporary :Nil Ruling (2) TNLR 23

Probationer : Ten days for every completed year

10 dyas for every completed years of service

5-10 years = 180 days

10-15 years = 270days

15-20 years = 360 days

Above 20years = 540 days

Probationer is eligible if completed 2 years of service of service regular



If the basic servants complete 15 years service form the dae regularization, they shall be allowed U.E.L.on.M.C. as admissible to superior service employee.





Not eligible, if they complete 15years from the date of regularization, they shall be allowed U.E.L.on.P.A.admissible to superior service employee.




( T.N.L.R. 13 & 14)


  1. Un-Earned leave on private affairs is another concession extended to Government employees. The admissinility of leave has been given at the end to this booklet.

  2. This leave is eligible only for the Approved Probationers. Temporary employees are not eligible for this leave. Basic servants shall be eligible for this leave on completing 15 years of service from the date of regularization.

  3. The leave, if availed of at a time should not exceed three months. When it is combined with earned leave it should not exceed six months- T.N.L.R . 14.

  4. This leave may be combined with un-earned leave on Medical certificate. This leave may be availed of for any purpose and even for Medical treatment – T.N.L.R. 6

  5. The leave should be calculated in terms of days even though the application is made in terms of months – G.O. Ms. No/ 160 P & A.R. dt 15.2.80.

  6. The U.E.L. on P.A. may be availed of as indicated below.


    1. UEL on P.A.: 4-4-98 (90days) but he cannot take 91 days more .

    2. E.L. for five months plus U.E.L.on P.A. for one month (because both does not exceed six month)

    3. E.L. 0-2-0 plus U.E.L. on P.A. 0-4-0 cannot be taken because U.E.L. on P.A. at a time, cannot exceed three months.

    4. E.L. 0-6-0 Plus U.E.L. on P.A. 0-1-0 is not possible because both exceeds six months.

    5. U.E.L.-on M.C. may be combined with U.E.L. on P.A. without any limit provided the leave is certified by the Medical Officer / Board and leave is available at the credit.












G.O.Ms.No.1089 P & A.R. dt. 1-11-80




Surrender Leave is another concession granted to employees permitting them to encash Earned Leave at their credit. This was introduced in G.O. Ms. No.783 Finance dt.10-9-68. The rules have undergone various changes from time to time. The Government in their G.O. Ms.No.1089 P &A.R. dt.1-11-80 issued consolidated instructions superseding all the previous orders. The rules and regulations are furnished –below.



  1. The facility is admissible to all employees. In the Case of Temporary and Probationers, they should complete 12 months service.

  2. An employee may surrender leave while on duty ; E.L., during U.E.L., on M.C., or E.O.L. with M.C. This facility is not admissible while on suspension ; E.O.L., without M.C. and U.E.L. on P.A.

  3. An employee may surrender not exceeding 15days in year and not exceeding 30days once in two years. (G.O. Ms.No/1089 P&A.R. dt. 1-11-80).

  4. If an employee avails of surrender of 15days in a year, he can again avail 15 days only after completing 12 months. If he wants to avail 30 days, then, there should be interval of 24 months. Availing 30 days or 15 days is the option of the employee and the administration has nothing do with it.


Availed of 15days on 15-4-95

Eligible for 15 days on 15-4-96

if he wants to avail 30 days, he become eligible only on 15-4-97. How can however, surrender 15days on 15-4-97. The condition to be fulfilled is 12 months gap for 15 days and 24 months gap for 30 days. That is all.


  1. Eventhough the surrender leave application is given in advance, sanction can be accorded only after the due-date-Govt. memo.No. 41131/F.R. II /79-2 dt.19-9-79.

  2. An employee has forgetten to submit application for the surrender of leave and desire to do so at a later date. In that case, he may submit application provided one month has not lapsed from, the due date for example when the due date is 4-5-98, application shall be submitted upto 03-06-1998.

  3. If an employee surrenders leave while on earned leave, total leave should not exceed 240 days.

  4. This facility is available while on foreign Service also.

  5. in the case of officers for whom Government is the leave sanctioning authority surrender leave may be sanctioned by the Head of the Department G.O. Ms. No.21 P &A.R. dt,7-1-82.


Surrender leave to compulsorily retired or dismissed employee on their reinstatement.


Some people who are compulsorily retired or removed or dismissed may be reinstated into service based on court judgements. In such cases, they may be allowed surrender leave for the old periods provided the application is made within one month from the date of receipt of orders of reinstatement-Govt.Lr.No.23186-A/86-9P&A.R. dt. 19-1-87.


Surrender Leave while on Foreign Service (other than State owned undertakings)


If an employee is, deputed Foreign Service to the Central Government Undertakings, Universities, Temples, Co-operative Institutions etc., Foreign Employee – shall initially pay the surrender leave salary and reimburse it subsequently.



Is Surrender Leave admissible during suspension ?


  1. During suspension, an employee cannot surrender leave. If he is reinstated treating the period of suspenson on duty or leave, in that case, he may be permitted to apply for surrender leave for the old periods-Govt.Lr.No.38745/82-1,P&A.R. dt.29-5-82 and Govt.Lr.No.16216/82-1 P&A.R. dt. 18-4-83.

  2. In the above case, leave applications should be given within one month from the date of receipt of orders treating the period as duty or leave –Govt.Lr.ibid. (One month shall be calculated from the date of joining duty because, then only he can know to whom application should be made.

  3. if the suspension period is treaded as U.E.L. on P.A. or E.O.L. this concession is not admissible – Govt.Lr.No.92550/82-3 P&A.R.dt. 18-1-83.


Leave Salary for Surrender leave


  1. The leave salary shall be calculated at the rate of 1/30 days –G.O.Ms.No.1089 P&A.R. dt. 1-11-80.

  2. In addition to pay, D.A. H.R.A. Hill Allowance, and C.C.A., are also admissible –G.O. Ms.No.200 Finance dt. 1-4-81 and G.O.Ms.No.43 Finance dt.28-1-82.

  3. The surrender leave should be sanctioned within one month payment made within 15 days – G.O.Ms.No.687 P&A.R.dt. 16-7-82.

  4. H.R.A. shall also be paid to the employees occupying quarters-G.O. Ms.No.777 Finance dt.7-9-83.

  5. Employees provided with the rent free quarters are not eligible Tor H.R.A.-Govt.Lr.No.33853/84-1 Finance dt.18-8-84.

  6. Medical , Washing and Refreshment Allowances are not admissible along with the surrender leave.







8.Leave Salary



Nature of Leave

Leave Salary admissible

1.Earned Leave

Full pay and allowances – TNLR 28-A

2. UEL on MC

Full pay and allowances – TNLR 28-A


3. UEL on P.A.

Full pay and allowances – TNLR 28-A


4. Surrender Leave

Full pay with allowances

5. Maternity Leave

Full pay with allowances


Pay and allowances are not allowed.






( F.R. 83 and 84)


An officer, permanent or nonpermanent if disabled by injury either natural or accidental while discharging his functions may not continue to perform his offical function. Under these conditions, the officer needs leave and the leave so granted for treatment is called “ SPECIAL DISABILITY LEAVE”. The leave may also sanctioned even after some time provided that the disability manifests within three months from the date of accident.


The above leave should be sanctioned only on the advice of the Medical Board.


Maximum Special Disability Leave allowed to an officer is 24 months. If the disability is reproduced later on, this may again be sanctioned subject to the maximum of 24 months in respect of any one disability. Following hints may be taken note of –


    1. The duties should be risk prone as Police Constables etc.,

    2. The leaves shall be allowed to the maximum of 24 months.

    3. The leaves shall again be sanctioned if the disability recurs.

    4. The Heads of the Departments alone are competent to sanction this leave .


Leave Salary :


The leave salary shall be at the rate of full pay for 120 days. Remaining period shall be paid at the rate of half pay and allowances.



( F.R.84 and Rules in Annex, in Appx.II)



  1. This leave shall be granted to officers to study scientific or technical problems or to undergo special courses or instructions either inside or outside India.

  2. This leave shall normally be granted to gazetted officers only.

  3. The officer should have a minimum service of five years and at the same time should not retire from service within three years from the date of deputation or training.

  4. This leave may be granted upto 12 months at a time and upto 24 months in all.

  5. During Study Leave , the officers shall be paid half pay and a fixed rate of study allowance for each day.

  6. The period of study allowance paid to the officer should not exceed 24 months.

  7. This leave may be combined with any other leave. But the total of study leave sanctioned in continuation should not exceed 28 months.

  8. This leave is debitable against the leave account .

  9. The periof of “Study Leave” will count for the purpose of pension, promotion, increment etc., but not for the purpose of calculation of E.L.

(10) This leave should be sanctioned only by the Government and not subordinate

officer is empowered to sanction this leave.

(11) During study leave, no other shall be sanctioned – G.O.Ms. No. 488, P &A.R.

dt. 23-5-83.

The Government have given consolidated instructions regarding Study Leave in G.O. Ms. No. 145 P & A.R. dt. 14-3-96.



( F.R. 101 (a) & G.O. Ms. No. 1190 P&A.R. Dated 25-10-1978)


  1. Married women employees may be sanctioned maternity leave in case of miscarrying or abortion or Medical termination or pregnancy irrespective the number of abortion. Sterilisation is also not necessary – G.O. Ms.No. 237 P&A.R.. Dt.29-6-93.

  2. The period of leave shall he granted for six weeks from the date of abortion or Medical termination of pregnancy.

  3. The condition to sanction this leave is that abortion or Medical termination of pregnancy should have taken place after 12 weeks but before 20 weeks of pregnancy. The termination of pregnancy should have been performed in Government Hospitals or other Institutions approved under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971- G.O. Ms. No.1190,P&A.R., dated 25-10-1978.

  4. The certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner authorized under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act may also be accepted for this purpose-G.O. Ms. No.1684, Health and Family Welfare, dated 21-7-1977.

  5. In respect of Temporary employees, the available E.L. at credit shall first be exhausted and balance be allowed as Maternity Leave.















If a women employee adopts a child, she is eligible for leave as indicated below subject to the following conditions-G.O.Ms. No. 342 Social Welfare dt, 8-12-95 and Govt Lr.No.21559/SW-V/96-3 Social Welfare dt 14-2-97.


  1. The women employee should not already have two living children.

(ii) The maximum admissible leave is one year and be given without production of

Medical Certificate. The leave will be as illustrated below.


  • If the age of the adopted child is less than one month, leave upto one year be allowed.

  • If the age of the child is six months or more, leave upto six months be allowed.

  • If the age of the child is nine months or more, leave upto three months be allowed.

  • That is, she is eligible for a maximum of one year leave excluding the completed months of the baby.


(iii) She may be given any eligible leave.

(iv) A Certificate from the Recognized voluntary Institution that the applicant legally adopted the child should be produced.

(v) Adoption may be made from relatives or outside.




( F.R. 101 (a) and Instructions thereunder)


On returning from maternity leave – whether postings given in the same place ?


The women employees, on returning from leave may be posted to the same place from where they proceeded on leave, if possible- Govt.Lr.No.22902/93-1, P&A.R., dt. 18-8-93.




For probationers, maternity leave may be granted even before completing one year service. But they shall be sanctioned available E.L. at their credit and the balance as maternity leave subject to other condition – governing the leave – F.R. 101 (a) introduced G.O.Ms.No.138, P&A.R., dated 26-2-1983 and Govt.Lr. No. 44189/82-13, P&A.R., dt. 16-2-0983.


Approved Probationer and Permanent


  1. On and from 29-6-93, maternity leave is allowed upto two living children. That is, where a women employee has already having two children alive, maternity leave is not eligible for the third delivery – G.O. Ms. No. 237 P &A.R., dt. 29.6.93.

( To explain ordinarily, the women employee is eligible for Maternity leave for the first and second living child. Number of deliveries is not the matter but only the number of living children.


    1. This leave is also admissible for delivery of a “still-born” child – Govt. Lr. No. 35660 / F.R. III /89-7. dated ……

    2. Maternity leave is admissible for 90 days and may be taken before or after delivery as advised by the doctor.

    3. In continuation of maternity leave, other kinds of leave upto one year may be sanctioned on the advise of the doctor – G.O.Ms. No. 237, P & A.R., dt. 29-6-93.

    4. If the delivery occurs while on leave (other than maternity leave), maternity leave shall commence from the date of delivery – G.O.Ms. No. 138, P & A.R., dt. 26-2-83.

Temporary Women Employees


  1. Temporary women employees may also be given Maternity Leave after completing one year service.

  2. In their cases, the E.L.available at the credit shall first be given and the balance sanctioned as Maternity Leave.

  3. Other conditions are the same as applicable to regular Government Employees – F.R. 101 (a) as introduced in G.O. Ms. No.138, P &A.R., dated 26-02-0983.




  1. An employee may avail of L.L.P. (Leave on loss of pay) upto five years to take up employment abroad subject to the following conditions – G.O.Ms.No. 19& P & A.R. , dt. 20-5-91; G.O. Ms.No. 295 P & A.R., dt 14-9-95 and G.O. Ms.No. 173/ P &A.R., dt. 28-3-96.


(i) Intial period of E.O.L. will be limited to one year based on the visa and further extension may be given on production of evidence that he continues / continued in the same job or was employed by another genuine employer – G.O. Ms.No.173/P &A.R., dt . 28-3-96.


    1. The period of E.O.L. will not count for calculation of leave and increment. But, will count for pension, if the individual remits pension contribution as fixed by A.G., with appropriate interest for belated payment, if any – G.O.Ms.No.173 P & A.R., dt. 28-3-96 and Govt . Lr.No. 80253/95-1 P & A.R., dt. 4-1-96.

    2. Disciplinary – proceedings, vigilance enquiry and criminal case should not be pending – Govt. Lr. No.42138/93-2 P & A.R., dt. 5-7-93.

    3. There should not be any contractual obligation to serve the department till retirement – Govt. Lr. No. 42138/93-2 P & A.R., dt. 5-7-93.


  1. Only Approved Probationers are eligible for this “ benefit”. Temporary employees are not eligible. Probationers should resign the job – I Govt. Lr.No. 80253/95-1, P & A.R., dt. 4-1-96.

  2. Employment may also be arranged through own source – Govt. Lr. No. 80253/95-1, P & A.R., dt. 4-1-96.

  3. Where employment has been arranged by Tamil Nadu Overseas Manpower Corporation Limited, the Managing Director will address the Head of the Department to issue N.O.C. without delay – Govt. Lr.No. 93945/93-2, P & A.R., dt. 5-7-93.

  4. There is no need to execute any bond – G.O.Ms.No. 9, P & A.R., dt. 7-1-94.

  5. No Objection Certificate to get passport will be issued by the Head of Departments except fo “A” group employees – G.O.Ms.No.288 P & A.R., dt. 4-12-97. While applying for passport, the purpose of visit, period of duration and the names of countries to be visited shall be furnished – G.O.Ms.No. 180, P & A.R., dt. 6-7-94.

  6. The employees belonging to the Scarce Categories are not eligible for employment – G.O . Ms. No. 9, P & A.R., dt. 7-1-94.


Whether Pending Loans should be cleared in Lump sum ?


The employees who have drawn long term advances like conveyance House Building, Marriage, Computer etc., advances should remit the loan amount equal to twelve months in advance. If the leave continues for second year, the next twelve months recoveries should be remitted in advance – Govt. Lr.(Ms). No. 87832A/Sal – l/93-1 Finance, dt. 10-2-94. ( In respect of short recoveries , the outstanding amount shall be remitted in lumpsum).






Personnel and Administrative Reforms ( D.O.I- F.R.I) Department Letter No. 35998/ D.O-I-FRI /93-3, Dated 11.1.1994.

Sub: Increments – Sanction of increments to the Government Servants appointed under various Circumstances – Guideliness – Issued.

1.Temporary Appointments

(i) Fully qualified:


Government Servants appointed under emergency provisions i.e. under 10 (a) (i) of the General Rules for the Tamil Nadu State and Subordinate Service Rules, are eligible for increment if they are fully qualified to hold the post. There is no restriction in the case of drawl of annual increment unless otherwise withheld by Government / Competent authority,


      1. Unqualified :


The unqualified persons under the above provisions are eligible to draw their substantive pay or minimum of the time scale of pay attached to that post, as per Rule 10 (b) of the General Rules. Therefore, they are not eligible to draw increment in the post in which they were appointed. They are eligible to draw increment after one year from the date for which they are fully qualified.


2. Regular Appointment


Probationers are eligible for sanction of increment on normal dates, irrespective of declaration of satisfactory completion of probation, subject to the provisions in Rule 28 of the General Rules . In cases, “ where the probationer has to acquire or pass any prescribed test within the period of probation/extended period of probation, the first increment in case where the probation period is one year and the second increment in cases where the period of probation is two years, shall be sanctioned only after acquiring the qualification or passing the test.


3. Appointments in unclassified posts


Persons appointed in unclassified posts (posts which are not classified under any special/adhoc-rules) are eligible for three increments only.




4. Temporary Promotions

(i) Fully qualified


A person temporarily promoted under General Rule 39, are eligible to draw their substantive pay or minimum of the time scale of the pay of the post or officiating pay in that post as per General Rule 39 (g) . They are not eligible for annual increments in the promotional post ( The G.O.Ms.No. 21 P & A.R., dt. 23.1.96 has promotion un-qualified employees. If it is done, it is waste of Government money – Author)


5. Regulation of increment on promotion to higher post


The increment of a person who has been promoted to a higher post has to be regulated as indicated below .


(i) Date of Promotion

(ii) Add one year period with the date of promotion

      1. Advance it to the quarter concerned:

      2. Add reversion period or extra – ordinary leave without allowance:

      3. Arrive actual date of accrual of increment

      4. Next increment on 1st day of the quarter concerned after completion of one year of qualifying Service from the date arrive in the item (v) above.


3. The Heads of Departments may be requested to communicate the above guidelines to the subordinate officers under their control for adoption.



  1. According F.R.105, an employee is eligible for joining time on transfer . If the transferred employee joins at the new station without availing of full or part of joining time, the unavailed protion of joining time. (subject to a maximum of 15 days) will be credited to his E.L. account. However, the his credit and the unavailed joining Time so added should not exceed 240days – G.O.Ms.No.270P &A.R. dt.14.8.97.

  2. Saturday and Sunday should not be included in crediting unavailed joining time – G.O.ibid.

Author’s view : In respect of temporary employees and probationers the unavailed joining time, if credited to the E.L. account, total leave should not exceed 30days.

  1. The transferred employee should apply for crediting the Joining Time within Six months from the date of his transfer – G.O.ibid.

  2. An employee is transferred to foreign service. He is relieved. But he did not take Joining Time. In that case, Unavailed Joining Time be credited to his E.L.account irrespective of the fact who bears the liability. Crediting in the account may be done by the authority who maintains the leave account – Govt.Lr.No.100270/F.R.III/88-18, dt.26.10.90.

Calculation of Joining Time

The officer on transfer, shall be given six days for preparation which is called Preparation Time – (Instruction (2) under under F.R.106)

In addition, he shall be given journey time to reach the new station by a reasonable conveyance which will be normally used by the Public. In order to calculate the days for travel, following guide lines are given in F.R.106(Rule ibid).





By Rail


Per day and one more day for part there of


By Ocean Steamer





By River Steamer







By Motor Vehicle or horse drawn vehicle




By any other Conveyance




By Air Actual time consumed for the Air Journey




(Travel by Ocean or river steamer are not in practice now. The rules were framed when the British ruled us and when the Madras state was called Presidency comprising Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala at the a time where travel by steamer, bullock, elephant, walk etc., were unavoidable. Now, roads have been laid and conveyance ply throughout the length and breath of the state. The rule makers should examine these aspects and remove these out dated and unworthy rules from the F.R.II will help to reduce confusions because the rules are not always handled by people – Author)

Hoildays, Saturdays and Sundays?

(a) Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays will not be allowed to enjoy . They will be treated as Joining time – G.O.Ms.No.207 P & A.R.dt.14.8.97.


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